ReDefine Next 100 Global Youth Program 2019 in Czech Republic [Full Scholarship Available)

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Applications are now invited for ReDefine Next 100 Global Youth Program 2019 in the Czech Republic. ReDefine Next 100 Leadership Program challenges young leaders to think outside the box and look at the world through the lens of opportunity, promoting the use of technology and innovation to address global challenges. This is an unparalleled opportunity for young leaders committed to making a real impact on society through technology and innovation.


The ReDefine Next 100 program brings together selected young leaders from diverse fields including (but not limited to) humanities, social sciences, engineering, medicine, computing science, art, and the natural sciences. Top young leaders identify the issue they perceive to be the paramount global
challenge in the future. GARI will put the selected candidates into diverse international teams, that incorporate innovative ideas from various respective fields and propose a way to address a global challenge.

Teams will be invited to Prague for a five-day-long workshop in September 2019, where they will refine their work with the guidance of high-level mentors. At the end of the ReDefine September program, GARI will choose the best teams/projects, with the most innovative and applicable idea and invite them back for the November programme as well as to present at The Next 100 Symposium.


Global Youth Program 2019 Details:

Host Country:

  • Czech Republic

Program Location:

  • Prague

Program Duration:

  • ReDefine Next 100 2019 in Prague (Czech Republic) from September 6 – 12 and November 14 – 22.

Scholarship Value:

Applicants who are selected can then apply for a partial or full scholarship. Applicants can fund their own participation or seek a sponsor on their own.

Basic Scholarship

  • ReDefine N100 programme fee

Partial Scholarship

  • Accommodation and board for the September and possibly November programme week;
  • ReDefine N100 programme fee

Full Scholarship

  • Travel to and from the applicant’s country of stay
  • Accommodation and board for the September and possibly November programme week;
  • ReDefine N100 programme fee

Eligibility Criteria:

Applicants must be:

  • Applicants must be between 18 and 35 at the time of the program (September – November 2019)
  • Students of higher education (Bachelor, Masters, PhD) or individuals who have left their formal education no later than 5 years prior to applying.
  • Applications are open to young adults from all around the world, without restriction of nationality, however, they must have access to a good internet connection to attend the mentoring sessions and work collaboratively on the teams.
  • Applications must be submitted in English. The candidate must have mandatory intermediate, or preferably high level of English, and be able to speak clearly and comprehensively in English.
  • Applicants must be able to travel to and participate in ReDefine Next 100 2019 in Prague (Czech Republic) from September 6 – 12 and November 14 – 22.

Evaluation Criteria:

They will evaluate your application based on 5 criteria:

  1. Your passion, experience, and potential in innovation & technology and how it can be applied in your chosen field/topic of engagement/project.
  2. A passion for innovative, cross-disciplinary critical thinking
  3. Your knowledge of your chosen topic and the relevance of your active engagement. We encourage candidates to show how their activities have had an impact or to articulate the potential impact of their proposed project.
  4. Your role as a representative of an organization, other youth or community, and your leadership experience or potential.
  5. The originality of the idea and depth of a suggested solution to challenge.

Application Questions

Why should you be chosen as a Next 100 ReDefiner?

This is your personal statement, where you outline elements from your CV. This is where you should describe your ambitions, skills, experience that will make you stand out for the ReDefine N100 program. What makes you a ReDefiner? Why should we choose you and not someone else? We want you
to convince us you are the best candidate for this program by describing your achievements. (minimum of 3,000 characters).

What does “innovation” mean to you in 2019 and beyond?

Briefly, tell us what “innovation 2019 and beyond” means to you as a concept in practice and as an opportunity. (maximum 2,000 characters)

What do you perceive as the greatest challenge & opportunity of the future?

What innovations have there been and are being developed that you perceive to be paramount to tackling global or local issues? What opportunities do we have now, rather than before, to approach and shape the future? What do you perceive to be the greatest challenge facing us? We are looking for innovation and a future-looking perspective. We want our ReDefiners to know the issue they are describing well, including the progress and development of the issue. If you are talking about hunger/climate/AI ethics/education/etc, what are the latest developments and attempted solutions? Is there room for innovation? Why is this issue going to be a challenge in the next 100 years? Not “why has your issue been a challenge in the past.” (minimum of 3,000 characters)

How would you use & apply innovative approaches as a project/endeavor/idea for transforming those challenges into opportunities?

APPLICATION AND PROPOSALS MUST INVOLVE THE FIELD OF INNOVATION, and ideally elements of technology. Be bold and original! What makes your idea innovative? Is it using technology to tackle the issue? What makes your approach worth the ReDefine Next 100 program? This must be an original new project written specifically for this ReDefine Application. Proposals for projects that have been written prior to this application, or that were written for other purposes and applied will not be considered! (Minimum of 4,000 characters)

Be bold and original!

This must be an original new idea written specifically for this ReDefine Application. Proposals for projects that have been written prior to this 8 application, or that were written for other purposes and have been started will not be considered!

Submit a 2-4 minute video answering “How can innovative approaches transform challenges into opportunities in the future? (across disciplines) – Please paste the link to the video and make sure access is open, and a password is not required. We recommend uploading the video on YouTube and pasting the link to it below. This must be an original video filmed specifically for this ReDefine application. Videos for projects that have been filmed prior to this application or that were filmed for other purposes will not be considered. This is not mandatory, if you do not wish to submit a video, it won’t disqualify your application, however, we recommend you do, as it most certainly will help it.

How to Apply ReDefine Next 100 Global Youth Program 2019?

Before Applying: Read the Application Guide. Please prepare your answers in advance and copy them into the form when ready, as you will not be able to use this form as a working document or save any of your work before submitting it officially.

Application Deadline:

  • April 30th, 2019
  • Don’t forget that you should submit a completed form before 31 of April 2019 at 23:59 pm/midnight (Central European Time)

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